Sashimi Roll

(No Rice Roll)
R54. Naruto Roll (6 pcs)
Tuna salmon yellowtail, avocado wrapped in cucumber, masago, scallion and ponzu sauce
R55. Angel Roll (8 pcs)
Spicy crab meat, crunch, avocado wrapped in yellowtail tuna, wasabi tobiko
R56. Tokyo Sashimi Roll(10 pcs)
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, soypaper, avocado, spicy crabmeat, escolar, salmon sashimi, eel sauce and red tobiko
R57. Paradise Roll (10 pcs)
Squid salad, potato flakes, cucumber, soypaper, spicy salmon, seaweed salad, escolar sashimi, baking sauce, eel sauce, wasabi tobiko
R58. Ruby Sashimi Roll (10 pcs)
Salmon, tempura crabmeat, seaweed salad, soypaper, spicy tuna, escolar, red tuna sashimi, jalapeno, black tobiko, sesame sauce